Our Naples Facility

Our Naples facility is located within the 20,000 square foot Legacy Extreme Sports center on Pine Ridge and Livingston Roads in Naples, Florida. 7,000 feet are dedicated for martial arts training.

In April of 2011 we purchased brand new mats for the Naples dojo. We spared no expense in aquiring the best in the business, Zebra Mats. It matters on what kind of mats you train on, especially when you consider the amount of time students train on the ground. There’s no reason not to get the very best.

We have two full size grappling rings. We can accomodate even the largest class size in our dojo, and the large space means more pairs can train per class, which means quicker development for our students.

Muay Thai and Boxing Bags

We have several Thai bags and boxing bags for stand-up and MMA training.

Full Showers

If you need to run to work after class or like to shower before you leave the gym we have a full shower for both guys and girls.

One thought on “Facility

  1. Hey!

    My friends and I are going on vacation to Naples and we’re looking for a place where we could train for 2-3 days! I would like to know if it would be possible to do so at your gym and what would be the fees?

    Ariane :)

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